Chef Gianni

Chef Gianni puts his heart and soul into every dish

Though Gianni has owned restaurants in Miami and Los Angeles, he knew he was home the moment he arrived in San Francisco. He started as the Executive Chef for Fior d’Italia in 1982, and took ownership along with his wife Trudy in 2012. ‘The Fior’ has been his labor of love for over 30 years.

Gianni loves taking advantage of interesting and fresh native products, but he strives to keep the Fior menu authentically Italian. He believes that ‘traditional Italian cuisine has soul’, so he puts everything he has into creating mouthwatering, ‘real’ Italian dishes that portray the very heart of what Fior d’Italia is all about.

Chef Gianfranco “Gianni” Audieri was born and raised in Milan, Italy where he acquired his passion for cooking from his mother, Giustina. He attended the local culinary academy in Milan before moving to Lausanne, Switzerland to study French cuisine. This initial move would start Gianni off on a culinary journey that would take him all over the world. He lived for a time in the Channel Islands and London where he learned English. Then he jumped aboard an Italian cruise ship to work as a sauté cook and steward. He spent 12 years at the Four Seasons in New York City as a waiter, captain, and cook, and served 2 years in the U.S. Army as a Medic. Gianni also travelled to South America, Aruba, and Grand Cayman.

Fior d’Italia